Traditional Pig Trotter Vinegar


Pig Trotter Vinegar

Pig trotters braised in vinegar is a much loved post-natal stew, traditionally cooked for women in confinement at the Canton region of China to restore strength and health after childbirth. It is believed to be warm and nourishing in nature and helps new mothers with producing milk. It is also a very well-known Asian beauty secret, as the luscious and soft meaty goodness is loaded with collagen, which is incredibly good for the joints and skin.

Pin Si’s Traditional Pig Trotter Vinegar (经典猪脚醋) provides an easy and delicious way to enjoy this traditional stew in the comfort of your own home. With no additives or preservatives, the best flavours are sealed in our special packaging by using freeze-drying technology, providing a quick solution to new mothers and all lovers of this traditional stew.


Preparation Method:
After thawing, steam for 8 minutes

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