Mini Buddha Jump Over the Wall (individual serving)


- Frozen Buddha Jump Over the Wall 迷你佛跳墙

Mini Buddha Jump Over the Wall (individual serving)
Created during the Qing Dynasty, the Buddha Jump over the Wall (佛跳墙) is a traditional delicacy made with only the most premium and nourishing ingredients, such as abalone, fish maw, scallop and wild mushrooms.The soup base is made up of chicken broth, herbs and condiments. After long hours of simmering, the rich flavours of all the ingredients are fully released into the soup, producing a tantalising taste which excites the senses. On top of that, the soup is highly nutritious, a definite plus for overall good health.

Pin Si’s Buddha Jump over the Wall is prepared using a heirloom recipe. It is an ideal dish to indulge after a long day at work.


Preparation Methods (2 Ways):

1) STEAM: After thawing, steam for 45 minutes

2) MICROWAVE: Put inside microwave for 15 minutes (high heat)


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