Braised Half Duck


- Frozen Braised Half Duck 卤水鸭(半只)

Braised Duck or Lor Ark, is a traditional Teochew delicacy. The succulent duck meat is simmered in rich broth with fresh herbs. Slow-cooking method is used to retain all flavours. Generously slathered with gravy, Pin Si’s Traditional Braised Duck (传统卤水鸭) is moist, tender and non-greasy. This well received dish brings out the best of Teochew cuisine and is often served up during festive occasions and birthdays.


Preparation Methods (2 Ways): 

1) STEAM: After thawing, steam with inner bag for 15 minutes.

2) BOILING: After thawing, submerge inner bag in boiling water and simmer for 15 minutes.


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