Mid-Autumn Family Festival


Mid Autumn Feast (*Disposable containers included are non-microwavable)

All food are cooked & deliver to you hot. Jiak Sio Sio~
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Slot either 11.30am-1.30pm OR 5pm-7.00pm

$168.00 Mid-Autumn Family Festival 花好月圆宴


1.月圆相思四季旺 (自制五香卷,鲜虾枣王, 咸蛋脆鱼皮,虾酱鸡翅膀)
Combination Platter (Ngoh Hiang,Prawn Roll,Fish Skin,Prawn Paste Mid Wing)
2.滋补药膳山芭鸡 Herbal Kampong Chicken
3.香草烤三文鱼扒配金沙酱 Marinated Salmon with Herbs accompanied with Chef Sauce
4.鹌鹑东坡肉拌翡翠时蔬 Dong Po Rou with Quail Egg & Garden Greens
5.凤梨干鲜果丝苗饭 Pineapple Rice
6.美心团圆庆中秋 Sweet Pastries

**All food are packed in disposable containers (non-microwavable).

  • $168.00