Chinese Menu 7
November 17, 2016
虫草花云耳蒸鳕鱼 (2)
Standard Chinese Menu 5
September 14, 2017

Chinese Menu 6


Banquet Package includes:

• Table setting c/w tablecloths, porcelain wares, sets of cutleries, drinking glasses, serviettes, peanut & ice cubes
• Service Staffs: 1 Staff to 3 Tables
• Free flow of Chinese Tea
• Display of number stand c/w number (As per request)
• Mobile Kitchen for ‘on the spot ‘cooking with Experience Chefs in uniform.
• Public Liability Insurance
• We are responsible for the cleanliness of the cooking area only.

Requirement for Operations to be provided at no cost to PIN SI:

• Electricity power point & water supply from tap
• Allowance of at least 5 hours before the event for table set up
• Bright sheltered area for food distribution& Service tables for food distribution and drinks serving
• Big garbage bin for unwanted food

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